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3rd Panzergrenadier Division
A Living History Group


Eisernes Kreuz I. Klasse:
- Wear of the EK1 is limited to the acting Field Commander

Eisernes Kreuz II. Klasse Ribbon worn on the combat uniform:
- Any NCO vignette impression who leads troops in tacticals with a functional Machine Pistole
- Any Squad member who owns and uses an MG as part of their combat impression

Advancement to Rank of Gefrieter
- Over 1-year in unit
- Dues current.
- Participated in an overnight event
- Can properly perform rifle and close order drill to the satisfaction of the Hauptfeldwebel.

KVKII Klasse Ribbon (Tross Impression) or Wound Badge (combat impression)
-Attain rank of Gefreiter >Choose a career path.

Wound badge:
Immediately upon being injured requiring professional medical attention.
Can be worn combined with KVKII Ribbon, if received via medical emergency.

The Orange and White Westwall Ribbon is worn on a Ribbon Bar in non combat rolls
It recognizes members who help build the unit through membership.
- Bring a recruit into the unit/issued upon purchase of recruits wool uniform.

Long Service Ribbon:
The Blue long service ribbon recognizes those members who made up the founding Membership of 3PGD Roster Numbers 101-108.
It is worn on a Ribbon Bar while in non combat oriented rolls.
- Must have been an original founding member of 3PGD in 1996.

Ost Front Medialle: Ribbon Bar or Ribbon
The Ostfront ribbon recognizes those members who made up the cadre of 3PGD Roster Numbers 101-250. It may be worn on the combat uniform or a Ribbon Bar.

Infanteriesturmabzeichen im Bronze
The Infantry Assault Badge is issued to members who make the investment in obtaining a K98 and can demonstrate manual of arms to the satisfaction of the Hauptfeldwebel. It may be worn on the combat uniform.

Kreuz und Quer
Worn as a cap device this is the proud divisional emblem of the unit.
-Completion of Basic Kit as required by the unit handbook with the exception of the K98 rifle.
-Full kit inspection is required to be completed by the Hauptfeldwebel.

Additional Peer-Based Acknowledgment
- Schutzenschnurr Diploma. Given to our best shot annually permits the recipient the ability wear a private purchase marksmanship lanyard as part of the walking out uniform (ausgehenanzug)