Image by Michael peach
3rd Panzergrenadier Division
A Living History Group


Gefechtstross-9/Gren. Rgt (mot.) 8

1st Gruppe- 9/Gren. Rgt (mot.) 8

Who We Are

Unit Coordinators Statement

Now celebrating 20 Years, 3PGD continues a long tradition of German reenacting in the New England area. 3PGD is made up of a wide range of individuals interested in the German Military of WW2. Likewise, the individual talents of our membership both past and present contribute to the health and success of the whole. The skills each of us bring to our unit ensures that Equipment is maintained, websites are updated, uniforms are authentic, and loaner gear is made available.

A unit works together for the common good to ensure that the events we attend run smoothly. This behind the scenes effort is significant, and is more than one person can do alone. It is always humbling to attend a work party restoring and maintaining one of our units vehicles and see first hand how members come together. Where one might not have experience, another has knowledge. It's the adage of one hand washes the other.

The strength of a unit can be measured in the numbers of quality members, who mutually contribute to make it function as a well oiled machine. Spreading the workload amongst a core of motivated individuals, ensures that you keep enjoying what your doing, and keep coming back for more! If a hobby begins to feel like a chore, then your doing something wrong.

Reenacting is a brotherhood in its own right. Our members come from all walks of life and many different professions. All have this common, inexplicable interest in ww2 German militaria, and we simply have a blast doing it together! People whom might never have had the opportunity to know one another in normal social circles, are brought together as trusted friends within the hobby. Reenacting creates an intrinsic bond among it's participants that transcends social barriers, in what can only be defined as "Kameradenschaft." It's a pretty amazing by-product of joining a good unit and becoming part of the team.

In a time where the hobby seems more fractured than ever with individual-based impressions seemingly multiplying, I continue to support and advocate for the camaraderie that is obtained through the sense of belonging to a reenacting club. Those who have ever worn the Kreuz of Quer cap device know this feeling first hand. The friendships forged through reenactments are real. A Reenacting club is structured in their approach to impression, providing a framework and expectation for their members that maintains a level of standardization and teamwork. Belonging to a unit is about a fostering a cooperative spirt and sense of unity.

My advice for all reenactors and prospective hobbyists is to find an organization that best reflects the types of experiences your are looking to get from the hobby, and join that organization. Make that group your home, and work within its structure to help make that group thrive. Be it 3PGD or any other club, working in synergy with the other members, is an extremely rewarding feeling. Happy Reenacting.

Best wishes for a successful 2016!
R. Tietze